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We believe every business has a dream. We also believe that technology is a means to both create new and exciting possibilities and make complex things transparent. We work collaboratively with our clients, partners and technology to build the future we desire. Do you want to be the architect of your destiny ?

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We creativity. We love to take your dreams and provide a new pair of eyes on your scenario. We help evaluate problems, processes and prospects under the lens of business value. From agile practises, to business transformation; from API and UI design to systems architecture and implementation advice. We're here to remove bottlenecks, suggest, create and connect your business to new opportunities.

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We tech. We use the same rigour in analysing problems and opportunities on our technology choices, and appreciate that a one size fits all approach is uncomfortable for everyone. Still we have favourites ☺ We like functional programming. The JVM is our friend. We share a smile with distributed systems and high five APIs.

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We to work with you. That's because we believe in you, otherwise, we'd not be working with you! Whether it's pair development in technology, ideas or products, we try to avoid the 'relay' style of working and prefer to work together. We can also provide bespoke presentations and tutoring on a range of topics and assist in facilitating tech event organisation.

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About us...

D-limitd started with a passion for technology and doing the right thing.
Having worked in and with a number of startups and enterprises and forged strong connections with first rate business, technical and creative contacts, Kingsley started D-limitd with a small number of trusted partners to provide high quality and innovative technical services to a number of clients.